YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing


Every self-respecting marketer knows that video is more engaging than text. That’s almost a given!  And well, when you put this statement next to some facts from the world of neuroscience, it’s no wonder marketing experts are saying, “video has never been THAT HOT!” 

This is no wonder, though, because the brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text,and over 90% of the sensory information transmitted to the brain is visual.  This means that if you want your prospective customers’ attention and engagement then you MUST use videos as a core part of your marketing strategy.  And frankly, what is a better way to do that, thanthe good ol’ video platform we know as “YouTube”?

Yeah, you might have heard it – YouTube ads are expensive. And that’s true! But have you ever thought about the fact that it may be expensive for a reason?

Here’s Why YouTube WORKS!

That reason is that, well, it works! Why does it work the way it does, you may ask?Well, it’s very simple – For starters, it is a huge,popular, trustworthy platform where people spend a good chunk of their wake time, DAILY.

With more active users on the platform comes more potential eyeballs for your ads. And, you guessed it- More highly active users on a trustworthy platform means… Better conversions! So think of YouTube advertising not as an expense but rather as an investment in your business. You invest in data to see what works and what doesn’t so that you can double down on the things that work.

This is how you scale your business.

How To Approach YouTube Marketing

Yes, the above-said does make sense, and it is true,but that doesn’t mean YouTube will give you sales,automatically. You have to still put in the work and follow a specific process and do good on your creatives. So how is it that you can approach YouTube marketing, even as a complete beginner?

Let’s find out!

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Ways To Multiply Engagement 

Ways To Multiply Engagement 

If you are not using social media to increase your brand awareness, you are missing out.

Online platforms like instagram, tik tok and youtube can help you 10x your engagement and in turn, increase sales.

The best part? These platforms have algorithms that literally reward you for being active and posting towards a certain group of people.

Use these 6 techniques and principles and see your engagement skyrocket!



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Count Your Followers


There are multiple stages to the development of a community around a brand.


Usually, every business starts as a nano company that is known to and supported by just a couple dozen people, which eventually turn into thousands.


From then on, depending on the company and the approach, this can scale up to a mega company of up to 5 million followers.

Needless to say, such exposure and brand awareness will inevitably lead to sales and it is all up to you to get there!




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Here’s What Your Visual Branding Needs


Your brand’s approach to visual branding doesn’t really have to be over the top.


Instead, you must simplify it in a way that will highlight the company’s ethics, values, purpose and value proposition.


How do you go about visual branding? Let’s discuss!




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What Is Your Brand Strategy 


In a market of well-trained sharks, you cannot afford to not have a strategy for your brand.


A strategy, of course, entails a lot of potential ideas that get tested on the actual market.


A good strategy is usually not the result of a genius thought, but rather, careful analysis and data collection.


How do you go about your brand strategy? Comment down below!




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Things That Could Make Your Business Appear Unprofessional


As a business owner, you must acknowledge that there will be many seemingly insignificant things that can make you lose clients.


These can be details such as:


  1. Lacking a custom address
  2. Inconsistent support
  3. No concrete brand color scheme
  4. Low quality images
  5. Unclear mission/message




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5 Constituents of a Brand


Establishing a trust-worthy brand is a matter of balancing the many different aspects of business development.


Here are the 5 main constituents of a brand:


  1. Value proposition
  2. Vision
  3. Goal
  4. Message
  5. Graphics


Which one is on top of your priority list? Comment down below!




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Integrating Collateral Design 


There are a variety of content types that you can tackle within your brand’s content strategy, to ultimately improve customer experience and boost engagement.


These can be things like infographics, email signatures, business cards and even media kits and blog post graphics.


All of these open room for creativity so it is up to you to engage the customers!



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Marketing Is…

When you have an idea that sparks your brain up, enthusiasm and deep emotions are instantly felt.


Your marketing strategy has to be created in a way that will translate that same emotion to the potential customers.


This sort of compassion is the only way to trustworthy relationships with clients!



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How to Use Storytelling as a Great Marketing Tool

How to Use Storytelling as a Great Marketing Tool

Think about that time you sat down to read an interesting book or listen to a highly engaging podcast. Chances are you were so drawn into it that your brain simply lost all consciousness of your surroundings. Only by hearing a sudden noise or someone bulging into your space and calling your name did you finally snap back into reality.

That’s the power of storytelling. It draws you into this other world and grabs your constant and undivided attention. Imagine if you could use this power in your business marketing campaign to grab the undivided attention of potential customers.

Guess what… you certainly can!

And this is how.

Using storytelling to stir empathy in customers

One way that you can use storytelling in your marketing campaigns is by intending to stir up feelings of empathy in your customers.

It would be improper for any business to even attempt selling anything without first understanding what frustrations and challenges that customers are going through.

Having done this by interviewing the customers themselves, businesses can then create stories that show how using their products helped them deal with their problems and frustrations.

For instance, you can create a video that shows how the customer was frustrated with a certain issue but found a solution in the products that your business offers.

Potential customers watching this will feel empathic and are more likely to trust your brand more. You will solidify your brand in the minds of potential customers and turn them into repeat and loyal clientele.

Customer engagement

The aggressive advertising carried out by most businesses has left a damaging effect on customers’ attention span. They hardly take the time to look at an advert for long enough before shifting to the next.

Storytelling offers an excellent way to grab and maintain customer attention. And by doing so, you know that you can influence their buying decisions.

Stories can move the customer’s emotions and by this, you can steer their emotions towards purchasing your business products.

Great stories also mean great content

You can provide stories in your blogs giving your site visitors something interesting and exciting to read about.

One way that you can create loyalty is by providing free content that is also exciting and engaging.

If you are always providing top-quality content and stories, then readers will automatically associate your brand with certain things. When they need these things, it is your business they will think about first.

Creating memories

When people hear an exciting and even inspiring story, it arouses certain emotions in them. As they are reading the story, they are also creating mental images. This means that the story remains etched into their memory.

Marketers can use this to their advantage. Now that they have customers hooked, the customers will think about the brand next time they need a product.

For instance, imagine a story about a woman who lost 30 pounds of body fat in a month. Your first reaction will be wow? If you have been trying to lose weight, then this will arouse curiosity in you as you wonder how you can do that and achieve similar results.

Marketers can then use this connection to sell their products.

Final word

One thing is for sure. Storytelling works. It is that one tool that you can always rely upon with your marketing. The reason is that it appeals to the customer’s emotions and urges them towards taking a certain action. This builds trust in the brand and makes it easier to sell products to the customers.

What You Should Know About Inclusive Marketing

What You Should Know About Inclusive Marketing

Have you ever seen an advertisement and felt like it was meant for someone else and not for you. You must have felt alienated like you were unimportant. Sadly, societal bias and stereotypes based on race, ethnicity, and religion are all too common and this reflects in the marketing.

For instance, males are shown more in adverts than women are. On the other end of the spectrum, women appear more in revealing adverts than men. Very often brands fail to include all members of the society yet expect everyone to purchase their products or services the same.

How to make the best use of inclusive marketing

Inclusive marketing is more than just including faces of minorities in adverts or changing the colors of your products. This is not all that is needed to get people to purchase products.

So where do you begin?

Culture! That’s where. Dedicate your resources and research on understanding the political, social, and economic views of your target market.

Understand their challenges. This will mean immersing yourself in their world and putting yourself into their shoes.

This in turn will equip you with the information necessary to create adverts that appeal to customers and that will offend them.

Get the right team

And the right team represents the different cultures and ethnicities in the greater society. Look at it this way, can a man sell beauty products? Sure he can! But would it be better if there was a woman on the team?

Similarly, can women sell shaving products? Of course! But would it be better if there was a man in the team who shaves on a regular?

This same concept should be considered with different ethnicities. A Mexican knows more about his people and understands their perceptions more than a black man. Similarly, a black man knows more about the black community and its challenges more than a white man.

You get it!

Understanding the role of women

Women for instance make up the female economy. Last year alone, women spent over 24 trillion dollars. What’s more, it is expected that as more and more women enter the workforce, this number will continue to grow.

Savvy marketers are aware of this and are now representing women more in their marketing campaigns. This can be an excellent way to ensure your marketing budget goes even further. Many businesses are now realizing the potential and are changing their marketing tactics to appeal to more women.

Inclusive marketing and its effects on consumer behavior

Consumers are much more likely to buy products from brands that make them feel recognized and appreciated as a valuable part of the community.

For instance, black consumers are more likely to buy products from a brand that shows black people in their adverts.

With inclusive marketing, your campaigns can have more impact and persuade more people to choose your products.

A great example of inclusive marketing is Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty. It markets to different races and ethnicities in over 137 countries. One of her adverts even showed a Muslim girl with a hijab.

Ultimately inclusion is for all

When it is all said and done, inclusion is not about creating ads that target a certain ethnicity or group of people. It is about creating a successful campaign that takes into consideration the feelings, emotions, and views of everyone in society. The goal is to make everyone feel appreciated without alienating some.

Inclusion marketing is an ongoing process of evaluating and re-evaluating societal concepts.

Final word

Inclusive marketing goes beyond selling products. It can be a powerful tool to help fight biases in society. It makes everyone feel part of the same community which ultimately also brings people together.