Conversational Marketing: How to Do It Right

Conversational Marketing: How to Do It Right

When live chat first came out, it revolutionized service delivery. It was now easy for customers to get an agent and receive support and the customers felt heard. Because of this, they reported higher levels of satisfaction. This is the power of conversational marketing. The great thing is that it is also being utilized in other areas of marketing.

But what is it?

What Is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing encompasses all methods used to engage with the customers in a dialogue or conversation. This can include live chat, SMS messaging, and live video call on social media.

Why Your Business Should Use Conversational Marketing

There are some key advantages to conversational marketing that goes over and above the more traditional marketing methods such as online contact forms and email marketing.

You Are Better Able To Understand Your Customers’ Needs

Having a conversation with a potential customer is the best way to build a good rapport and relationship. Via conversation you are also able to better assess your customers’ pain points and which solutions they are looking for.

With the information gathered through conversation, you can improve the product, tailor marketing campaigns, and create content that best appeals to the needs of your customers.

The Potential For More Sales

Traditional methods of lead generation have one flaw—lag time. Often there is time between a customer filling out a form and a marketing agent reaching out to them, or before sending an email and getting a response.

During this time the customers could lose interest and switch over to a competitor.

With conversational marketing tools such as live chat, you can respond to a customer as soon as they reach out. In fact, many customers will opt for such tools due to their quick response to any other tools.

Helping Customers

No, we don’t mean offering support here. What we mean is that when it comes to online shopping, customers do not have access to a salesperson to help them during the shopping experience.

The downside to this is that in case the customer has a bad experience, they are likely not to return to your online store.

With conversational marketing tools such as live chat, a customer and ask questions and ask for support and receive both within an instant. If a customer is shopping during odd hours chatbots allow them to still receive assistance as it mimics the human experience.

Tips To Utilize Conversational Marketing

If you want to grow your business through marketing then follow the following proven tips to utilize marketing for amazing benefits.

Install Live Chat

Live chat is the quickest way to utilize conversational marketing in your business. Often businesses will include chat boxes that offer fast assistance to customers while also providing them with the option of talking to a live agent.

Offer Personalized Messages

If you opt for chatbots, it is important to keep in mind that customers prefer speaking to a live person. You can use this to tailor your chatbot messages to sound just the way you do when answering questions.

Ensure that the chatbot feels natural by altering the time and the responses to sound as if a live person is responding.

Combine Conversation Marketing With Digital Marketing

While conversational marketing is a great way to offer a more personalized experience for your customers it is important to say that you do not neglect other digital marketing options for relationship building.

Whether it’s social media marketing or email marketing. They should complement your conversational marketing plans.

Final Thoughts

Conversational marketing opens new doors to lead generation and customer retention. It also offers opportunities for better understanding the customer. The information you gather through conversational marketing can help improve the bottom line.

How to Get More Organic Traffic: Ultimate Guide

How to Get More Organic Traffic: Ultimate Guide

Many site owners want to be more visible to online shoppers than their competitors. For this, they spend a considerable amount of their investment on SEO. But there is plenty one can do to help rank their site without having to spend too much money. That is what we are going to look at in our post…how to maximize organic traffic in the most efficient way, and how to get more organic traffic?

Let’s discover!

How to Get More Organic Traffic

Getting organic traffic does not an easy job but it is also not enough difficult to be skipped. Below are some proven strategies to get more organic traffic to your content either a website, social media account, online store or YouTube channel.

Focus on your readers and not on SEO

Site owners will often optimize for SEO to rank as high as possible on search engines.

However, remember who you are creating content for…your readers. Instead, focus on creating something that the readers will find useful, and naturally, your SEO will improve.

To create content that is helpful to readers, start by creating their bios. This helps you to understand them better and figure out their problems.

Utilize long-tail keywords

Many site owners and bloggers will use the most common keywords for a specific subject. However, the downside to this is that such keywords will have a lot of competition as many competitors are also using them.

This makes it harder for readers to find you.

Using long-tail keywords allows you to rank for a specific topic. They have less competition which makes it easier for readers to find your content.

After all, you want to target your content to individuals who are searching for answers to a specific question.

Blog more

One of the best ways to gain organic traffic is to blog on a regular. Users can find more information than they can find on the Home Page or About Us page.

One thing that you should be careful about however is creating spammy content. This will have a negative effect and will cause your site to lose rankings.

Create more quality content

Remember what we said about creating blogs that are useful to readers? This point adds to that. You must create more quality content. However, make sure that you never sacrifice quality.

This will help draw in more organic traffic without having to risk your site’s SEO. The more quality content that you have on your site, the higher your chances of increasing organic content.

Internal linking

The way to guide readers to more useful content on your website? Use internal linking. Note that you can only use internal linking when you have plenty of quality content on your site or blog.

The benefit of this is that it can also increase the time that readers spend on your site which is a great way to tell Google and other search engines that your website offers quality content.

As a result, your rankings improve.

Remember however that you should never use too many internal links on a blog as this will cause it to look like spam.

Use of social media

400;”>Social media offers an excellent way for you to drive organic traffic to your site. The most popular is that you can promote your content through your followers on your chosen social media platform such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Note that to maximize the use of social media in promoting your site, you may want to increase the number of followers. You can do this by offering and promoting useful and interesting content.

Final thoughts

Gaining organic content doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With a few tips and tricks, you can increase traffic to your site which will translate to more conversions. Just make sure that you uphold quality in everything that you do.

How to Use Storytelling as a Great Marketing Tool

How to Use Storytelling as a Great Marketing Tool

Think about that time you sat down to read an interesting book or listen to a highly engaging podcast. Chances are you were so drawn into it that your brain simply lost all consciousness of your surroundings. Only by hearing a sudden noise or someone bulging into your space and calling your name did you finally snap back into reality.

That’s the power of storytelling. It draws you into this other world and grabs your constant and undivided attention. Imagine if you could use this power in your business marketing campaign to grab the undivided attention of potential customers.

Guess what… you certainly can!

How to Use Storytelling as a Great Marketing Tool

Storytelling can be a great marketing tool if used correctly. It can help create an emotional connection with your audience and make your brand more relatable. When crafting a story, be sure to keep it simple, focus on a single message, and make sure it aligns with your brand. If you can do all of these things, you’ll be well on your way to using storytelling as a great marketing tool.

And this is how.

1. Using Storytelling To Stir Empathy In Customers

One way that you can use storytelling in your marketing campaigns is by intending to stir up feelings of empathy in your customers.

It would be improper for any business to even attempt selling anything without first understanding what frustrations and challenges that customers are going through.

Having done this by interviewing the customers themselves, businesses can then create stories that show how using their products helped them deal with their problems and frustrations.

For instance, you can create a video that shows how the customer was frustrated with a certain issue but found a solution in the products that your business offers.

Potential customers watching this will feel empathic and are more likely to trust your brand more. You will solidify your brand in the minds of potential customers and turn them into repeat and loyal clientele.

2. Customer Engagement

The aggressive advertising carried out by most businesses has left a damaging effect on customers’ attention span. They hardly take the time to look at an advert for long enough before shifting to the next.

Storytelling offers an excellent way to grab and maintain customer attention. And by doing so, you know that you can influence their buying decisions.

Stories can move the customer’s emotions and by this, you can steer their emotions towards purchasing your business products.

3. Great Stories Also Mean Great Content

You can provide stories in your blogs giving your site visitors something interesting and exciting to read about.

One way that you can create loyalty is by providing free content that is also exciting and engaging.

If you are always providing top-quality content and stories, then readers will automatically associate your brand with certain things. When they need these things, it is your business they will think about first.

4. Creating Memories

When people hear an exciting and even inspiring story, it arouses certain emotions in them. As they are reading the story, they are also creating mental images. This means that the story remains etched into their memory.

Marketers can use this to their advantage. Now that they have customers hooked, the customers will think about the brand the next time they need a product.

For instance, imagine a story about a woman who lost 30 pounds of body fat in a month. Your first reaction will be wow? If you have been trying to lose weight, then this will arouse curiosity in you as you wonder how you can do that and achieve similar results.

Marketers can then use this connection to sell their products.

Final word

One thing is for sure. Storytelling works. It is that one tool that you can always rely upon with your marketing. The reason is that it appeals to the customer’s emotions and urges them towards taking a certain action. This builds trust in the brand and makes it easier to sell products to the customers.

What You Should Know About Inclusive Marketing

What You Should Know About Inclusive Marketing

Have you ever seen an advertisement and felt like it was meant for someone else and not for you? You must have felt alienated like you were unimportant. Sadly, societal bias and stereotypes based on race, ethnicity, and religion are all too common and this reflects in the inclusive marketing.

For instance, males are shown more in adverts than women are. On the other end of the spectrum, women appear more in revealing adverts than men. Very often brands fail to include all members of society yet expect everyone to purchase their products or services the same.

What is Inclusive Marketing

Inclusive Marketing is the concept of marketing to everybody. While most marketers tend to focus on just one type of market, inclusive marketing targets, everyone.

Inclusive marketing is all about making sure your message and marketing are designed to fit everyone. It’s not about being specific, it’s about being all-encompassing. Inclusive marketing doesn’t mean that every single person is going to like you or buy your product or service. But it does mean that you’re going to be appealing to everyone, regardless of their age, gender, race, or sexuality.

How To Make The Best Use Of Inclusive Marketing

Inclusive marketing is more than just including faces of minorities in adverts or changing the colours of your products. This is not all that is needed to get people to purchase products.

So where do you begin?

Culture! That’s where. Dedicate your resources and research on understanding the political, social, and economic views of your target market.

Understand their challenges. This will mean immersing yourself in their world and putting yourself into their shoes.

This in turn will equip you with the information necessary to create adverts that appeal to customers and that will offend them.

Get the right team

And the right team represents the different cultures and ethnicities in the greater society. Look at it this way, can a man sell beauty products? Sure he can! But would it be better if there was a woman on the team?

Similarly, can women sell shaving products? Of course! But would it be better if there was a man in the team who shaves on a regular?

This same concept should be considered with different ethnicities. A Mexican knows more about his people and understands their perceptions more than a black man. Similarly, a black man knows more about the black community and its challenges than a white man.

You get it!

Understanding the role of women

Women for instance make up the female economy. Last year alone, women spent over 24 trillion dollars. What’s more, it is expected that as more and more women enter the workforce, this number will continue to grow.

Savvy marketers are aware of this and are now representing women more in their marketing campaigns. This can be an excellent way to ensure your marketing budget goes even further. Many businesses are now realizing the potential and are changing their marketing tactics to appeal to more women.

Inclusive Marketing And Its Effects on Consumer Behaviour

Consumers are much more likely to buy products from brands that make them feel recognized and appreciated as a valuable part of the community.

For instance, black consumers are more likely to buy products from a brand that shows black people in their adverts.

With inclusive marketing, your campaigns can have more impact and persuade more people to choose your products.

A great example of inclusive marketing is Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty. It markets to different races and ethnicities in over 137 countries. One of her adverts even showed a Muslim girl with a hijab.

Ultimately Inclusion Is For All

When it is all said and done, inclusion is not about creating ads that target a certain ethnicity or group of people. It is about creating a successful campaign that takes into consideration the feelings, emotions, and views of everyone in society. The goal is to make everyone feel appreciated without alienating some.

Inclusion marketing is an ongoing process of evaluating and re-evaluating societal concepts.

Benefits of inclusive marketing

As a business owner, you know that marketing is important to the success of your company. But what you may not realize is that inclusive marketing is essential to reach the widest possible audience and to ensure that your company is seen as welcoming to all.

Inclusive marketing is about more than just making sure that your marketing materials are available in multiple languages or that you have a diverse group of people in your ads. It’s about creating a marketing strategy that includes everyone, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, or ability.

There are many benefits to inclusive marketing. For one, it allows you to reach a larger audience. When you include everyone in your marketing, you’re more likely to appeal to a wider range of consumers. This can lead to increased sales and profits.

Inclusive marketing also helps you build a better reputation. Consumers are more likely to do business with companies that they perceive to be welcoming and inclusive. By being inclusive in your marketing, you’re sending the message that you’re a company that values diversity and that you’re committed to serving all customers equally.

Inclusive marketing can also help you attract and retain the best employees. When you have a diverse workforce, you’re more likely to attract top talent. And when you have a workforce that feels included and valued, they’re more likely to stick around and help your business grow.

Finally, inclusive marketing is simply the right thing to do. It’s important to remember that we’re all human beings, and we all deserve to be treated with respect. When you market to everyone, you’re helping to create a world that is more tolerant, understanding, and compassionate.

If you’re not already doing inclusive marketing, now is the time to start. It’s good for business, and it’s the right thing to do.

Final word

Inclusive marketing goes beyond selling products. It can be a powerful tool to help fight biases in society. It makes everyone feel part of the same community which ultimately also brings people together.

How to Draft a Marketing Message That Converts

How to Draft a Marketing Message That Converts

Regardless of your marketing campaign whether it is running Facebook ads or creating a message for your homepage, the message needs to resonate with people and do so in a powerful way. Only then can you gain an edge in compelling people to purchase your products.

However, this is often something that is more said than done to many businesses. They fail to create powerful and impactful messages and instead create messages that are too generic which then fails to grab attention. Eventually, the business will fail to match up to its competitors and eventually go under.

How to Draft a Marketing Message That Converts

So how do you ensure that this doesn’t happen to your business?

Understand Your Audience

The first thing is to understand who you are marketing to? What are their problems, wants, and needs?

You will need to identify a niche and marketing persona. Only then can you create the ideal message in your marketing campaigns.

You will also need to identify, call, and survey your target audience to find out what they are searching for in the market.

As you interview members of your audience, you will begin to notice patterns and can then use this information in creating highly tailored marketing messages.

Be Consistent

You can do this by following the same messaging framework that your business uses. The more customers can identify a certain type of message with your brand the more they are likely to trust you.

Customers like consistency and it is this consistency that creates a feeling of reliability and subsequently trusts.

For instance, you can use a tagline, and value prop on all your brand messaging. You can then craft your copy around the same value pillars for your brand.

Craft Messages To People

This is one of the most downplayed and lightly taken strategies when crafting marketing messages. You need to talk as if you are speaking to people and not about people. For instance, in the massage use second-person voice. This means using “you” and avoiding using “them”

Also, avoid using complicated words and jargon as this can leave people confused and feeling as though the advertisement wasn’t meant for them.

What we are saying here is to talk to people like humans.

Keep Things Short, Simple And Direct

With marketing, the goal is to always first and foremost grab attention. Don’t overplay it by using long and complicated text messages and lengthy paragraphs.

Instead, use short and simple text as this has been proven to be more effective at not only grabbing attention and sending leads through the sales funnel.

As you create copy, read through again and make it shorter and tighter while ensuring it is clear and concise.

Make Use Of Emotion

The best way to make ensure that your marketing copy resonates with customers is by making use of their emotions. Arouse their need to use your product and they are much more likely to convert.

To do this figure out people’s needs fears, and wants and create copy around them.

When marketing, talk more about the benefits of your products rather than their features. Customers don’t care about the technicalities that go into creating the product. Instead, they care about whether the product is going to help them or their loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Making a marketing message that converts is not as difficult as it may appear. With a few tips and tricks that appeal to the customer psyche, you can increase sales. Just make sure to follow up on your marketing campaigns and make tweaks where necessary. This ensures your message resonates well with your target audience.

Top 6 Expert Tips to Sell Like a Pro

Top 6 Expert Tips to Sell Like a Pro

Read this article to learn six expert tips to sell like a pro that’ll turn you into a better representative of your product!

How To Sell Like A Pro And Make The Customer Crave Your Product?

Every entrepreneur’s asking that question… In its pursuit, some may even spend big bucks on the marketing seminars that’d ‘guarantee’ that you’d be raking in loads of money once you took the program.

But, absolutely NOTHING comes after…

Because you see, it’s more of a scam these days – not everyone is Tony Robbins or Brian Tracey! 

But, don’t lose heart.

Top 6 Expert Tips to Sell Like a Pro

The SIX tips below have been taken from the works of the finest marketing experts in the US.

And if you read and follow the advice, you’d probably be training others in selling very soon. Sounds good?

Read on then…

1) Confidence, the First Thing!


That’s one thing that can help immensely not just in selling better but in every area of your life. A recent study showed that  85% of the world’s population has low self-esteem!

That’s almost everyone, right?

And that’s the reason why people get attracted to and influenced by confident people so easily. So, work on your confidence. 

Read books, attend public speaking workshops, practice selling, and do some mind training like NLP or Hypnosis.  This one quality of confidence will change the course of your business for sure…

2) More Listening to Less Talk

OK, so you’ve heard that phrase about fifty thousand times but let’s just look at it once more… The thing is most salesmen are too indifferent to what customers have got to say even though they pretend they’re listening. Most customers can sense that apathy. And it gets to them…  The tip is: put your selling agenda aside and listen with your heart. Don’t force yourself, just be all ears. Developing listening skills will help you a lot in selling, just try it!

3) Target the Right People

Novice entrepreneurs often make the mistake of approaching the wrong group of people for selling their products. So narrow down on your potential customers on the basis of age, locality, sex, and so on. This segmentation will increase your sales potential many times. The more specific your targets are the more you’ll be on the winning side… 

4) Be Honest, Don’t Tell Fibs…

Many, entrepreneurs and salesmen feel desperate to sell their stuff and in that desperation, they very often take to lying. Lying does you a bad turn both in the short and long terms, first thing.  Second, lying can take away your ability to present your products well as they are.

Also, lying sellers get a bad reputation quickly which is enough to ruin your career forever. So, lying is something that you should ALWAYS avoid in business selling (and, obviously, elsewhere also).  Practice honesty and truth in selling because honesty does hit the right chord always even if it looks like a bad idea at first.

5) Better Personal Presentation

Matters a lot…

The way you look, the way you talk, and the way you walk, everything counts in selling. A well-dressed, well-spoken, gentlemanly kind of entrepreneur will always take the cake in salesmanship. Call it superficiality or anything but that’s how people think. So, you’d better work on the presentation because optics matter more than you think!

6) Understand Your Customers

Just because this point comes in last does not mean it’s any less important. In fact, it’s the most important. Because if you know your customers, you’ll be more confident, more focused, and better up for success. So, to sum it up, study your market and know your customers inside out.  Just try it. It’s going to work like magic for you!