Every self-respecting marketer knows that video is more engaging than text. That’s almost a given!  And well, when you put this statement next to some facts from the world of neuroscience, it’s no wonder marketing experts are saying, “video has never been THAT HOT!” 

This is no wonder, though, because the brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text,and over 90% of the sensory information transmitted to the brain is visual.  This means that if you want your prospective customers’ attention and engagement then you MUST use videos as a core part of your marketing strategy.  And frankly, what is a better way to do that, thanthe good ol’ video platform we know as “YouTube”?

Yeah, you might have heard it – YouTube ads are expensive. And that’s true! But have you ever thought about the fact that it may be expensive for a reason?

Here’s Why YouTube WORKS!

That reason is that, well, it works! Why does it work the way it does, you may ask? Well, it’s very simple – For starters, it is a huge, popular, trustworthy platform where people spend a good chunk of their wake time, DAILY.

With more active users on the platform comes more potential eyeballs for your ads. And, you guessed it- More highly active users on a trustworthy platform means… Better conversions! So think of YouTube advertising not as an expense but rather as an investment in your business. You invest in data to see what works and what doesn’t so that you can double down on the things that work.

This is how you scale your business.

How To Approach YouTube Marketing

Yes, the above-said does make sense, and it is true, but that doesn’t mean YouTube will give you sales, automatically. You have to still put in the work and follow a specific process and do good on your creatives. So how is it that you can approach YouTube marketing, even as a complete beginner?

Let’s find out!

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