You’re at one of nine possible levels of wealth. These nine levels of wealth are ascending and are divided into three wealth prisms. These three prisms make up the Wealth Spectrum, they are:

The Foundation Prism which is all about mastering your personal flow.
Mastering the first three levels within the Foundation Prism is all about mastery of the wealth flowing through your life. It’s about your ability to create an abundant flow of value and money in your life, regardless of external conditions.

The Enterprise Prism which is all about mastering the flow of the markets.
Levels four to six deal with your ability to master the flow of wealth through the markets, this is about how well you manage investments and businesses to flow value and money through your teams and through the markets you operate in.

The Alchemy Prism which is all about mastering global flow.
The top three levels of the Wealth Spectrum focus on your mastery of the wealth flowing through our societies. Very few people attain this level of wealth and flow, it is within this prism that money itself is produced and the rules of our markets are defined.

You are always at one level at any one time, having an understanding of all the levels of wealth will give you an overall sense of how they relate, and more importantly, identify where you are and what you need to do (and stop doing) in order to move up. A fundamental law to keep in mind is that you can only move up one level at a time. Why is this so important to remember?

Many of us have a desire to impact the world in some way, the only way to have true impact is to master flow at the level of communities and societies. We achieve that mastery through mastering market flow first – Mastery of market flow requires us to begin by mastering our personal flow.

At every level of the Wealth Spectrum you’re earning the right to move up to the next level. 

Read on to understand the three Prisms and the different levels of wealth within them. 


When (and only when) you’ve mastered the Foundation Prism will you earn the right to move into the Enterprise Prism. Have you heard of (or been) one of those people who have owned and run a business for years… but have never seemed to breakthrough their “glass ceiling”? Their business seems to be ‘stuck’ at a certain level? These are entrepreneurs who are trying to master market flow without having first mastered personal flow. 

The author of  The Millionaire Master Plan, Roger Hamilton uses the analogy of music to describe the three levels that make up the Enterprise Prism:

  • The Player. This is akin to a solo performer, a talented musician who’s doing all things alone. 
  • The Performer. This is being part of a band where everyone is doing one thing, it’s no longer about the solo star, the band is more important.
  • The Conductor:  This is a maestro of music who makes music without needing to play any of the instruments. 

Let’s take a closer look at these three levels…