Neglected Marketing Tactics You Should Follow

It is reasonably easy to cater to audiences and social media users by considering trends. People always display their wants and needs, so providing them with the content they desire should be relatively straightforward. Knowing the ropes around social media, how it functions and what use you can make of it is also easily attainable. However, it would be best if you were actively present on the platforms to get a decent idea of what’s trending. Many companies may even take this to the next level by partnering with a marketing agency, like GSV Studio.

Once you know how to operate with social media, it is time to market your content on it and get a maximum number of viewers and recognition. You might be familiar with the traditional ways one can sell their product. However, it is time to take a step forward and look at these typically neglected strategies that are still extremely useful and recommended for everyone to follow despite being ignored.


Live streaming tends to be heavily ignored. Very few seem to acknowledge how helpful it can be in terms of marketing. However, it has slowly gained traction as a valuable tool in the last few years. Some of the statistics for people who view live streaming are as follows:

The largest group of live streamers fall between the age brackets of 18-34 years, mainly known to be millennials. This group is statistically known to watch live streams regularly.

By 2027 the live streaming industry is predicted to be valued at 184.27 billion USD.

Live videos have been reported to have a 93% growth with an average viewing time of 26.4 minutes per session.

These stats show how live streaming can be an incredibly effective marketing tactic. An audience would most often prefer live videos over pre-recorded sessions due to increased engagement and real-time experience of an event or action. It can be even better to record live streamings to gain an audience who wants to watch on-demand. This can help you connect with them, which will further positively impact your brand.


Giveaways are often neglected and mistaken as pointless or costly, but that’s far from the truth. It is a marketing tactic that creates the most hype for your brand and products. You generate a lot of profit as giveaways can help give recognition. Customers are usually happy since everyone loves free stuff, and if what you sell is of good quality, then there’s a chance the customer may come back for more. Therefore, along with creating excitement, it increases interactions and engagement as well as reach and followers. Your giveaway winner gets a sample of what you sell and may spread the word of their achievement and flaunt their luck. Ultimately, you get followers, engagement and buzz.

Post Outside of Business Hours

If you want your posts to be viewed, you need to broadcast them at a time when everyone is active. Accommodating your audience’s schedules will do you a lot of good. The goal is to get more views and engagement, and what better time to mindlessly scroll your social media feed than doing so after a long day at work. Not many people open social media during business hours, so it might be a missed opportunity to post anything at that time. Hence, timings are essential. It is suggested by marketing experts to post early morning (between 4 am-7 am), night (10 pm-12 am) and weekends as these times generate the most engagement.

Consistency and Creativity

It is advised that content should not be limited to simply videos and pictures. One should take risks and get creative with reeling in audiences and potential customers. Quality content can help you maintain customers, but creativity needs to be added to get more viewers to your marketing page or posts. It is encouraged to use up-to-date memes, GIFs, infographics and animations as audiences find them fun. It is a natural phenomenon of a human being to be drawn towards uniqueness and to things that can be expressed simply yet have creativity.

Additionally, we should be consistent in our social media presence. Consistent activity helps prove prospective customers trust you better since it enforces predictability. Thus, knowing what to expect from you and when to expect it allows them to stay in their comfort zones.


When social media marketers learned new ways and strategies for marketing, some tactics were either forgotten or not acknowledged due to their lack of recognition by the masses. Thus, the above tactics are highly neglected despite their having so much potential. Live streaming has been around for quite a while, but marketers have only found a good use for it recently. We have gone through these neglected tactics to show you exactly how useful they can be for your business. These strategies show how easy it is to achieve a social media presence to market your brand and how it simply requires dedication. We hope this article proves helpful and enables you to improve your social media presence. Thank you for reading!