Monthly Marketing Mentorship Subscription

Starting at $59.95/monthly

Monthly One-to-One Mentorship Package comes with:


❤ One-to-one Marketing Mentorship every month.

❤ Cancel anytime. But we’re sure you won’t want to cancel!

Coaching Marketing Agencies in Dallas TX

Marketing Coaching is Great for those who:

  • Just want a little extra guidance.

  • Need a sounding board to bounce ideas off

  • Want to learn how to implement new marketing ideas.

  • Don’t currently have a marketing director and need someone to direct their marketing team.

During our mentorship session we’ll discuss whatever marketing area you’d like to focus on, whether it’s your overall marketing strategy, creating a specific marketing plan for a service or product, social media, landing pages, podcasts, advertising, or any other networking or marketing topic. The goal is to mentor you/your marketing specialist/marketing team on how to put new marketing systems  in place so you can do it on your own. (Of course, at anytime you can choose to outsource your marketing to us.)


1. Choose the Coaching Plan that Works Best for You:

30 Minutes of Mentorship per month


$59.95 monthly (20% discount)

Great for those who just want to check in with a marketing specialist to make sure they’re on the right track.

1 Hour Of Mentorship Per Month


$99.95 monthly (30% discount)

Great for those who want to be more thorough and ask more questions or are eager to accomplish their marketing tasks more quickly.

4 Hours Of Mentorship Per Month


$499.95 monthly (30% discount)

Great for those who want in-depth help launching a marketing campaign for a product, service, class or book.


Additional hours are billed at $149.95 an hour. Other Marketing Mentorship packages are available by request!