Cristie first started taking courses with Genius U in 2015. After running her business successfully Cristie embarked in attaining her certification as a mentor with Genius U. During the pandemic, Cristie was instrumental in helping the Genius U community thrive with her website development, graphic design skills and her marketing expertise. She currently ranks 78 out of 2,618 Mentors.

The Genius Test is based on a 5,000-year-old Chinese system of thinking called the I-Ching, which helps you in your life and business – to follow your business cycle, your natural vision, and the type of business you will be most successful in.


Take the simple Genius Test and discover your genius. Find your Natural way to learn, lead, live and love!


When you discover which is your natural path, what makes you successful and what takes you out of balance you will naturally flow towards your success. Take the simple test and discover your Genius.

Wealth Dynamics Profile Test

Find your best path to flow as a creative and successful entrepreneur. Learn more about your natural talents and how to use them to build and grow successfully in your business.

Wealth Dynamics 1:1 Debrief

Book a 1:1 Wealth Dynamics Debrief session with an accredited licensed Flow Consultant to help you understand your profile,  natural talents and how you can use them to build and grow a successful business.

Talent Dynamics Profile Test

Discover how you naturally create and grow value through people and processes. You have your own natural path that directly links with how you lead and perfom best in a team. Learn how you can impact your organization and how you can gain a deeper understanding of your natural leadership path.

Talent Dynamics 1:1 Debrief

Book your Talent Dynamics Debrief with an accredited Performance Consultant to better understand your Talent Dynamics Profile and learn how to strengthen your business and team.

1:1 Consultation with Cristie Remmel-Limited availability

If you are looking to grow your business successfuly using the Genius U methods you can book a 1:1 with Cristie.

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