YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing


Every self-respecting marketer knows that video is more engaging than text. That’s almost a given!  And well, when you put this statement next to some facts from the world of neuroscience, it’s no wonder marketing experts are saying, “video has never been THAT HOT!” 

This is no wonder, though, because the brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text,and over 90% of the sensory information transmitted to the brain is visual.  This means that if you want your prospective customers’ attention and engagement then you MUST use videos as a core part of your marketing strategy.  And frankly, what is a better way to do that, thanthe good ol’ video platform we know as “YouTube”?

Yeah, you might have heard it – YouTube ads are expensive. And that’s true! But have you ever thought about the fact that it may be expensive for a reason?

Here’s Why YouTube WORKS!

That reason is that, well, it works! Why does it work the way it does, you may ask?Well, it’s very simple – For starters, it is a huge,popular, trustworthy platform where people spend a good chunk of their wake time, DAILY.

With more active users on the platform comes more potential eyeballs for your ads. And, you guessed it- More highly active users on a trustworthy platform means… Better conversions! So think of YouTube advertising not as an expense but rather as an investment in your business. You invest in data to see what works and what doesn’t so that you can double down on the things that work.

This is how you scale your business.

How To Approach YouTube Marketing

Yes, the above-said does make sense, and it is true,but that doesn’t mean YouTube will give you sales,automatically. You have to still put in the work and follow a specific process and do good on your creatives. So how is it that you can approach YouTube marketing, even as a complete beginner?

Let’s find out!

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Psychological Strategies for Effective Marketing

Psychological Strategies for Effective Marketing

Understanding the psychology behind which customers make buying decisions can give you a great edge over your competition. You can then use consumer psychology to promote your brand and to increase conversions.

By knowing what goes through the mind of customers through different buying stages, you can anticipate their behavior and provide them with what they need. This in turn can go a long way towards building your brand and securing loyal customers.

Let’s take a closer look at 6 psychological strategies to boost your sales.

The likelihood of impulse purchases

We have all been there where we’ve convinced ourselves that there will be no more unplanned spending only to see something that we liked and completely neglected our resolutions. We went ahead and bought that item.

Businesses can take advantage of the obsessive-compulsive behavior in humans to increase sales by promoting impulse buying.

For instance, one clever way you do this is to use the word “now” in your advertisement. This creates urgency in the minds of the potential customers and causes them to think that if they do not act now they will miss out on any deals.

Asking for small requests

Keep in mind here that we are focusing on asking customers for a small request. The importance of this is that if customers agree to do something small for the business, they are more likely to agree to something else.

This is called the “foot in the door technique”.

By asking potential customers to sign up for a new trial, or for an email request, they are more likely to agree to a larger request such as making a purchase.

Look at it this way… instead of going from step 1 to step 10, you take the customer through the various small steps until they finally purchase your products.

And after all, there are 5 steps to making a purchase. These are recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase, and post-purchase evaluation

Visually stimulating marketing

Naturally, our brains are better able to process video as compared to texts. This is not surprising in this age of social media as research has shown that posts that include video are 650% times more likely to result in reader engagement than those that only have text.

Secondly, it is important to understand how the different colors affect the human psyche and ultimately buying decisions. Colors play a significant role in impulse decisions and purchases so including the right colors in your products can make all the difference.

Another way to use visually stimulating marketing is by the use of language. Savvy marketers will use words such as guaranteed, 100% original, certified, loyal and authentic in their ads. This immediately causes a sense of trust and can prompt choppers to make impulse decisions.

Evoke emotions the right emotions your customers

Humans react strongly to feelings such as joy, sadness, and excitement. The clever marketer can use this to their advantage by crafting ads that stimulate such strong emotions in favor of the business.

This can result in impulsive purchasing.

Secondly, self-esteem is important to everyone. By boosting people’s self-esteem, you can increase sales and promote impulse buying. For instance, marketers can help customers feel worthy and important. One easy way you can do this is to promote memberships and then offer privileges to members.

Final word

Marketing is all about understanding customer psychology and what drives them to make purchases. The savvy marketer can then use this information to trigger impulse buying. Done the right way, it can greatly increase sales and conversions and improve the bottom line.

6 Marketing Techniques Every Entrepreneur Should Use

6 Marketing Techniques Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Presenting the most effective marketing techniques for entrepreneurs that can spread the word about your business overnight!

When you’ve set up your business and everything seems to be in place, the next step for you is marketing. 

Taking your product to its potential consumers…

That’s a big challenge for many since not every entrepreneur comes from a marketing background. 

Sometimes, even marketing majors may find the real experience of marketing nothing like what they’ve studied in the textbooks.

So, has your marketing plan proved disappointing so far? 

Don’t worry!

Below are the top SIX marketing techniques which you can use to gain MAXIMUM publicity for your business easily.

Stick and read.


1) Start a Referral Program

Referral marketing is a great way to get lots of word-of-mouth publicity.

Most customers feel excited about referral programs since they can earn discounts and free gifts without making much of an effort.

People already talk a lot about random stuff… 

And when talking about your business earns them free vouchers and stuff who would lag behind?

Also, a recent survey showed that about 92% of people trust personal recommendations.

So, yeah, think about introducing a referral program! 


2) Create a Website or SM Page

If you don’t have a website or social media page for your business, well, let’s face it, you’re doomed.

This is the era of the internet and everything is just one click away.

And if your business is not, then there’s a problem for you.

Work on setting a good, responsive website (or a social media page) for your brand because you can’t really survive without one these days. 


3) Tap Into the Power of SEO

This is linked to the previous point…

So, once you have an internet presence you can use the power of SEO to help you rank on Google.

What’s SEO?

Search Engine Optimization.

So, what happens is, if you own a website, and it’s well-optimized according to the Google algorithms, it’ll get ranked in the top pages of Google.

So, anyone who searches for anything related to your business will land up on your website.

That’s great, isn’t it?


4) Hold a Contest

Running a contest can be very effective, particularly if you give cash prizes.

The very sight of dollar bills gets people turned on…

And, don’t worry, the prize need not necessarily be like 1000s of dollars. 

As little as 50$ per winner can work pretty well for you!


5) Flyers and Posters Still Work

Yeah, they still do.

But, for this marketing strategy you’re going to require an expert copywriter.

You can use segmentation and target the areas where you think most of your potential customers are and bombard them with your flyers and posters…

But, wait! 

If you want a flooding response, the ads should contain some promise of free coupons, gifts or freebies – otherwise who cares?


6) Try Email Marketing 

According to a survey in 2019, about 3.9 billion people around the world used email for communication.

And, the figure is going to grow to 4.3 billion in 2023.

So, with almost half of the world’s population using electronic mail this is definitely a GREAT platform to talk about your business.

But, you’ll need an email marketing expert for your campaign.

Hire someone with proven expertise, because millions of emails get labeled as spam and go straight to trash every year. 

And you surely don’t want the same fate for your emails, right?



So, that’s about it.

The above six techniques are easy to use, cheap and still very effective… 

You can use one, two, three, or all of the above techniques – that’s very much up to you.

Once the money starts rolling in you can then go for bigger marketing plans…

For now, all the very best!

Ways To Multiply Engagement 

Ways To Multiply Engagement 

If you are not using social media to increase your brand awareness, you are missing out.

Online platforms like instagram, tik tok and youtube can help you 10x your engagement and in turn, increase sales.

The best part? These platforms have algorithms that literally reward you for being active and posting towards a certain group of people.

Use these 6 techniques and principles and see your engagement skyrocket!



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Count Your Followers


There are multiple stages to the development of a community around a brand.


Usually, every business starts as a nano company that is known to and supported by just a couple dozen people, which eventually turn into thousands.


From then on, depending on the company and the approach, this can scale up to a mega company of up to 5 million followers.

Needless to say, such exposure and brand awareness will inevitably lead to sales and it is all up to you to get there!




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Here’s What Your Visual Branding Needs


Your brand’s approach to visual branding doesn’t really have to be over the top.


Instead, you must simplify it in a way that will highlight the company’s ethics, values, purpose and value proposition.


How do you go about visual branding? Let’s discuss!




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What Is Your Brand Strategy 


In a market of well-trained sharks, you cannot afford to not have a strategy for your brand.


A strategy, of course, entails a lot of potential ideas that get tested on the actual market.


A good strategy is usually not the result of a genius thought, but rather, careful analysis and data collection.


How do you go about your brand strategy? Comment down below!




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Things That Could Make Your Business Appear Unprofessional


As a business owner, you must acknowledge that there will be many seemingly insignificant things that can make you lose clients.


These can be details such as:


  1. Lacking a custom address
  2. Inconsistent support
  3. No concrete brand color scheme
  4. Low quality images
  5. Unclear mission/message




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5 Constituents of a Brand


Establishing a trust-worthy brand is a matter of balancing the many different aspects of business development.


Here are the 5 main constituents of a brand:


  1. Value proposition
  2. Vision
  3. Goal
  4. Message
  5. Graphics


Which one is on top of your priority list? Comment down below!




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Integrating Collateral Design 


There are a variety of content types that you can tackle within your brand’s content strategy, to ultimately improve customer experience and boost engagement.


These can be things like infographics, email signatures, business cards and even media kits and blog post graphics.


All of these open room for creativity so it is up to you to engage the customers!



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Marketing Is…

When you have an idea that sparks your brain up, enthusiasm and deep emotions are instantly felt.


Your marketing strategy has to be created in a way that will translate that same emotion to the potential customers.


This sort of compassion is the only way to trustworthy relationships with clients!



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Conversational Marketing-How to Do It Right

Conversational Marketing-How to Do It Right

When live chat first came out, it revolutionized service delivery. It was now easy for customers to get an agent and receive support and the customers felt heard. Because of this, they reported higher levels of satisfaction.

This is the power of a conversation. The great thing is that it is also being utilized in other areas of marketing.

But what is it?

What is conversational marketing?

Conversational marketing encompasses all methods used to engage with the customers in a dialogue or conversation. This can include live chat, SMS messaging, and live video call on social media.

Why your business should use conversational marketing

There are some key advantages to conversational marketing that goes over and above the more traditional marketing methods such as online contact forms and email marketing.

You are better able to understand your customers’ needs

Having a conversation with a potential customer is the best way to build a good rapport and relationship. Via conversation you are also able to better assess your customers’ pain points and which solutions they are looking for.

With the information gathered through conversation, you can improve the product, tailor marketing campaigns, and create content that best appeals to the needs of your customers.

The potential for more sales

Traditional methods of lead generation have one flaw—lag time. Often there is time between a customer filling out a form and a marketing agent reaching out to them, or before sending an email and getting a response.

During this time the customers could lose interest and switch over to a competitor.

With conversational marketing tools such as live chat, you can respond to a customer as soon as they reach out. In fact, many customers will opt for such tools due to their quick response to any other tools.

Helping customers

No, we don’t mean offering support here. What we mean is that when it comes to online shopping, customers do not have access to a salesperson to help them during the shopping experience.

The downside to this is that in case the customer has a bad experience, they are likely not to return to your online store.

With conversational marketing tools such as live chat, a customer and ask questions and ask for support and receive both within an instant. If a customer is shopping during odd hours chatbots allow them to still receive assistance as it mimics the human experience.

Tips to utilize conversational marketing

Install live chat

Live chat is the quickest way to utilize conversational marketing in your business. Often businesses will include chat boxes that offer fast assistance to customers while also providing them with the option of talking to a live agent.

Offer personalized messages

If you opt for chatbots, it is important to keep in mind that customers prefer speaking to a live person. You can use this to tailor your chatbot messages to sound just the way you do when answering questions.

Ensure that the chatbot feels natural by altering the time and the responses to sound as if a live person is responding.

Combine conversation marketing with digital marketing

While conversational marketing is a great way to offer a more personalized experience for your customers it is important to say that you do not neglect other digital marketing options for relationship building.

Whether it’s social media marketing or email marketing. They should complement your conversational marketing plans.

Final Thoughts

Conversational marketing opens new doors to lead generation and customer retention. It also offers opportunities for better understanding the customer. The information you gather through conversational marketing can help improve the bottom line.