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Cristie R. Campo

Owner | Designer | Artist

Cristie is a US NAVY Veteran who served as an FMF Corpsman (Medic) during Desert Shield/Storm. She was attached to Marine Air Wing 39 out of Camp Pendleton, CA and deployed to Bahrain. After her Honorable discharge from the military, Cristie obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from The University of Texas at Arlington and her Master’s degree in Fine Art from Art Academy University of San Francisco.

Cristie owns her own creative agency and has been sought out and selected by major corporations as a professional Art Therapy Trainer, and Veteran Speaker. She has extensive experience as a project manager, Web design, Graphic Designer and Social Media Marketing to name a few. Cristie is a graduate of Honor Courage Commitment an elite program designed specifically for Veteran Entrepreneurs. She is also a member of The Women Veterans of America Chapter 48 in Denton. Cristie is a member of the 2nd all female Color Guard in the Nation. She is very involved in the veteran community.

Her love for giving back to the community led her to raise guide dogs for the blind thru South-Eastern Guide Dogs out of Florida as a puppy raiser and later as a mentor for new puppy raisers. Cristie often participates with The Creative Art Center Dallas for outreach art related programs to children and children with special needs. She is a frequent guest speaker at elementary schools and shows kids how to deal with stress and anxiety thru simple methodologies and is also a part time Art instructor at the local community college. Her favorite community outreach is to be involved with the veteran community teaching how to cope with anxiety/ptsd thru simple art techniques.

It is her belief that relationships in work or otherwise are invaluable not only to individual success but also a company’s success. Cristie’s agency is dedicated to providing clients with affordable technology in order to present a unified tone, style and voice. Every detail matters when developing a successful brand. Blu Dragonfly Creative Agency provides clients with a consistent and successful branding solution. The clients bring the big ideas and we make multiple connections with the audience. Simply put…we build empires.

Sarah Mills

Video Productions

Growing up, acting was my passion. To be able to lose yourself and play pretend with amazingly talented people and watch it all come to life like never before on the big screen was absolutely fascinating, and had me from my first opening titles.

When I grew up and went chasing that crazy dream, I found out very quickly that there is a lot more to being successful in the industry than playing pretend. Everything from professional headshots, demo reels, and audition tapes, to the extensive amount of social media attention needed was not only a big lifestyle change but a huge hit to the wallet! I needed to find a solution without breaking the bank, and that was when I picked up my first camera. The connection was instant and electric!

What I had thought was a passion for acting all those years was something so much deeper, my true love was Story. But not just my own story, the stories that are everywhere in every moment. This new dream became Unconventional Productions, a production company focused on microshorts with macrostories. My goal is to take a feeling, a moment in time, a narrative, and transmit that across digital media in a way that is truly representative of the story and soul behind any entrepreneur.

Kianna Campo


Kianna is the daughter of two Navy Veterans who proudly served in the US Navy and are Persian Gulf War Veterans.

She grew up in Dallas Texas and graduated from UNT with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. As a child she was always interested in taking photographs of nature and people. Even though she was born in Connecticut she considers herself a true Texan.

After graduating college Kianna decided to open her own photography studio with her ancee Daniel. Mead’s Photography specializes in providing headshots for business owners and product photography. She also spends a lot of time photographing nature, and her favorite fur babies. Her bunny Nala has her own instagram account and is widely followed by animal lovers of the world.

Kianna is the lead photographer for Blu Dragonfly LLC. As a young entrepreneur she is a role model for other young adults looking to establish their own business and be successful using their skills sets as a platform to launch their businesses.

Her hobbies include spending time with the love of her life and also their fur babies. She loves to bake desserts, and create crochet items to give as gifts to family and friends.

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